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    Yuzu and Amacha tea bags

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    Yuzu and Amacha tea bags

    ブ ラ ン ド 名

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    Amacha is made by drying the leaves picked from the deciduous shrubs of the Saxifragaceae family, Ailanthus edulis and Ailanthus edulis, in the sun, then kneading and fermenting them to make tea.Amacha is famous as a crude drug, and the ingredient dulcin is said to be 400 to 800 times as sweet as sugar.Yuzu is blended with Amacha.Enjoy a relaxing tea time where the scent of yuzu and the sweetness of amacha relax your mind and body.The scent of yuzu can be felt even more in your mouth even when it gets cold.To put it in, add hot water and let it cool before drinking.It will soothe your heart.Amacha and Amachazurucha (Cucurbitaceae) are different.

    Sales price

    648 yen (tax included)


    8.5g (1.7g x 5 pieces)

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    The most delicious time

    The cold water of the year / summer feels very delicious.The mellow aroma of yuzu and the sweetness of sweet tea.

    Specific raw material


    Main place of origin

    Made in Shizuoka Prefecture

    Storage temperature zone

    Store at room temperature

    Sales store

    Yamachi Farm Co., Ltd. 271 Hanajima, Haruno-cho, Tenryu-ku, Hamamatsu-shi, Shizuoka

    Business name

    Yamachi Farm Co., Ltd.
    (Yugen Gaisha Yamato Monowen)

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