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    Loosen bonito sprinkle

    Processed Foods

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    Loosen bonito sprinkle


    Sprinkle seasoned with salt to bring out the original flavor of bonito.Made with bonito from Yaizu.
    Unlike furikake, which uses dried bonito shavings, it uses steamed bonito, flavored and dried "flaked bonito flakes".The bonito is steamed to lock in the umami, and finished with a simple seasoning of salt.In addition, kelp, wakame seaweed, sea lettuce, etc. are blended.

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    Available time /
    The most delicious time

    Year-round / year-round

    Specific raw material

    wheat milk sesame soybean

    Main place of origin

    Bonito (Japan)

    Storage temperature zone

    Store at room temperature

    Sales store

    - -

    Business name

    Nichifuri Foods Co., Ltd.

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