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    We carefully selected five tea leaves from Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan's number one tea place, and made them into tea bags.
    Enjoy a trip to Shizuoka tea by drinking and comparing the tastes and aromas of each while thinking about the green tea fields.Recommended as a small present or gift.
    Shizuka Gosaki won the 2012 World Green Tea Contest 24 Grand Gold Award, the 11 Fuji no Kuni New Product Selection Grand Gold Award, and the 2012th Gourmet & Dining Style Show Spring XNUMX New Product Contest Beverage Division Grand Prize. did.

    Shimizu: Fragrant flavor "Shiawase no Ocha Machiko" Slight cherry blossom flavor
    Certified by the Shimizu Minna no Tea Creation Association, this tea has the scent of cherry blossom leaves.
    This tea won the 2009 World Green Tea Contest "Best Gold Award".

    Kawane: deep flavor ``Okuhikari'' mountain tea, strong aroma
    Kawane is known as one of Japan's three major tea-producing regions, and is a recommended variety of tea that is attracting attention.
    It features a refreshing scent like herbs and a rich taste.

    Forest: Chic taste ``Yabukita'' Also known as Mori no Ishimatsu
    It is a production area of ​​famous tea, as sung in the rokyoku, "The Otagawa River, with its pure flow, is the source of good tea in Enshu-Morimachi."
    It is a deep steamed tea with a mellow and rich taste.

    Okabe... The taste that resonates ``Gyokuro'' Okabe is the home of gyokuro
    Along with Kyoto and Yame, it is one of the three major production areas of gyokuro.The tea plantation is covered and grown.
    Enjoy the rich umami flavor with lukewarm water.

    Kikugawa: Strong flavor Birthplace of deep-steamed tea “Yabukita”
    Fukamushicha is steamed two to three times longer than sencha.
    The tea leaves become finer, the flavor and color are darker, and the infusion works well.

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    1,080 yen (tax included)


    2g x 10

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    Year-round / new tea season

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    Main place of origin

    Shizuoka Prefecture

    Storage temperature zone

    Store at room temperature

    Sales store

    Ishida Chaya Morimachi Main Store 1525-1 Mori, Morimachi, Shuchi-gun, Shizuoka Prefecture To Google Map

    Business name

    Ishida Tea Shop Co., Ltd.
    (Yuugen Kaisha Ishida Chatten)

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