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    Shirasu chips

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    Shirasu chips

    ブ ラ ン ド 名

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    Tatami iwashi, a special product of Shizuoka prefecture, is roasted so that it can be eaten as it is.We use fresh shirasu landed at Omaezaki Port and manufacture all the shirasu chips.When you open the bag, you can enjoy the fragrant aroma and crispy texture.
    You can arrange it freely depending on your ideas, such as crushing chips and topping it on salad or cheese toast."Shirasu Chips", which can rediscover the charm of Tatami iwashi, has the taste of the rich sea of ​​Shizuoka.
    Calcium is 1mg per bag and can be taken in the same amount as about 112ml of milk.

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    8g / bag

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    The most delicious time

    Year-round / year-round

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    Main place of origin

    Fry of Iwashi (produced in Shizuoka Prefecture)

    Storage temperature zone

    Store at room temperature

    Sales store

    Kinokuniya (multiple stores) in Tokyo

    Business name

    Yamasei Fisheries Co., Ltd.
    (Yugen Gaisha Yamasei Suisan)

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