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    Frozen head shrimp

    Marine Products

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    Eco-friendly shrimp grown in underground water of the Tenryu River

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    Frozen head shrimp

    ブ ラ ン ド 名

    Happy shrimp

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    Sachiebi is the ultimate domestic shrimp that is safe, secure, delicious, and sustainable. Sachiebi is one of Japan's leading sustainable seafoods, having been raised in a sustainable system that is in demand all over the world, as well as providing safety and security, which are now essential requirements, and delicious taste.
    At the time of harvest, the live shrimp are quickly sterilized and washed, vacuum packed, and flash frozen at an adjacent processing plant before being commercialized.
    By feeding the shrimp with highly nutritious food while swimming, we create rich flavor components and at the same time improve the texture. In addition, by creating a breeding environment that is more similar to nature, the stress on the shrimp is reduced and the loss of flavor is prevented.
    Low in fat at 0.8%, high in protein, low in calories, and zero sugar. Contains a large amount of high-quality protein (20%) containing essential amino acids, and is also rich in minerals. It contains taurine that works in the liver (suppresses blood cholesterol), chitin that plays an active role in the large intestine, and astaxanthin (has antioxidant power and suppresses cancer) in the blood.

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    Iwata City, Shizuoka Prefecture

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    EC site (CRAFT FISH) To Google Map

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    Umiyuki Yukinoya LLC
    (Kaikou Yukinoya Goudou Kaisha)

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