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    Mozzarella at the foot of Mt. Fuji

    Fuji no Kuni New Product Selection
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    Mozzarella at the foot of Mt. Fuji

    ブ ラ ン ド 名

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    This time, we won the highest gold prize, which was the first place in the prefecture-sponsored "Fuji no Kuni New Product Selection" in which XNUMX businesses in the prefecture participated.

    Contains XNUMX piece of mozzarella cheese made from milk produced at the foot of Mt. Fuji.
    This cheese has a soft texture and the juiciness of milk.
    You can eat it fresh by sprinkling olive oil on salt and pepper, or we recommend pairing it with wasabi soy sauce and Japanese sake.

    We don't use any salt or modifiers, we only use raw milk, so please enjoy it as soon as possible.

    Sales price

    518 yen (tax included)



    Available time /
    The most delicious time

    Year-round/winter period

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    Main place of origin

    Fujinomiya city

    Storage temperature zone

    Store in the refrigerator

    Sales store

    Nanatomi Cheese Factory 487-1 Shimojo, Fujinomiya City To Google Map

    Business name

    Nanatomi Dairy Co., Ltd.
    (Hiroaki Takagi)

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