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    Kinnako Mentsuyu (Somen Soba)

    *This product is for general consumers only.

    Fuji no Kuni New Product Selection

    Part Number

    Kinnako Mentsuyu (Somen Soba)


    Soybean flour from Shizuoka Prefecture is kneaded into somen and soba noodles.Flat noodles with a soybean flour flavor that are chewy and crispy.

    Sales price

    4,212 yen (tax included)


    120g x 6 balls

    Available time /
    The most delicious time

    Year-round / year-round

    Specific raw material

    Wheat Buckwheat Mackerel Soybean

    Main place of origin


    Storage temperature zone

    Store in the refrigerator

    Sales store

    Nihondaira Ropeway Tairagi 597-8 Kusanagi, Shimizu Ward, Shizuoka City

    Business name

    Okazaki Co., Ltd.
    (Kabushiki Gaisha Okazaki)

    Representative TEL


    Representative fax


    *This product is for general consumers only.