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    Lion Melon Karinto

    *This product is for general consumers only.

    Fuji no Kuni New Product Selection
    Snacks and Sweets

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    Lion Melon Karinto


    Karinto with honey is characterized by its fragrant melon flavor.
    As a raw material for honey, we use the pureed muskmelon "Lion Melon" produced by the JA Enshu Chuo Melon Section.
    Kanrinto has a thin, easy-to-eat shape and is characterized by its crunchy and crispy texture.You can feel the scent of melon when you open it or put it in your mouth.

    Sales price

    Market price * Please check with the business operator for the selling price.



    Available time /
    The most delicious time

    Year-round / year-round

    Specific raw material


    Main place of origin

    Shizuoka Prefecture (Fukuroi City, etc.)

    Storage temperature zone

    Store at room temperature

    Sales store

    Farmers Market Southern Iwata Dossari City 2765-2 Maeno, Iwata City, Shizuoka Prefecture To Google Map
    Farmers Market Mitsuke Dossari Market 3599-1 Mitsuke, Iwata City, Shizuoka Prefecture To Google Map

    Business name

    Enshu Chuo Agricultural Cooperative (JA Enshu Chuo)
    (Enshu Chuou no Gyokyo Doukumiai)

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    *This product is for general consumers only.