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    Livestock Products

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    Gold Pig King

    Shizuoka Prefecture Economic and Agricultural Cooperative Association

    Depends on the store

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    Shizuoka Motoyama Matcha Jersey Milk Ice Cream

    Takezawa Tea Co., Ltd.

    110 ml

    378 yen (tax included)

    Sakutama (specially selected sushi roll omelet from a long-established sushi restaurant)

    Unharu Stock Company (Saku Sushi)

    21 x 9 x 3 (450g)

    1,300 yen (tax included)

    Izu wasabi chizu

    Kameya Foods Co., Ltd.


    378 yen (tax included)

    Tomitake Tomorrow beef plow lunch

    Momanakaken Co., Ltd.

    14 x 19 x 5.5 cm

    1,180 yen (tax included)

    Our only taste Takei ranch jersey milk jam

    Takei Ranch Co., Ltd.


    540 yen (tax included)

    Nagaizumi Tomorrow 240g

    Tohei Shokai Co., Ltd.

    1g per pack (240 pieces)

    650 yen (tax included)

    Makeup case with 40 pieces of Miho Egg Sakura

    (Yes) Shimizu chicken farm

    40 beautiful yellow egg Sakura M size

    1,630 yen (tax included)

    30 beautiful yellow egg cherry blossoms and egg chiffon set

    (Yes) Shimizu chicken farm

    17 beautiful yellow eggs (Sakura egg M size) + egg chiffon XNUMX cm hole

    2,660 yen (tax included)

    Charcoal-grilled wild boar

    Shizuoka Jibie / Oshu Mamiya Sohonpo


    19,552 yen (tax included)

    Deer hamburger steak

    Shizuoka Jibie / Oshu Mamiya Sohonpo


    540 yen (tax included)

    Goten egg

    Higashifuji Chicken Farm Co., Ltd.

    1 pack 10 pieces, L-MS size

    324 yen (tax included)