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User Guide

For producers and food manufacturers in the prefecture

Buy Shizuoka online catalog is operated by producers and food manufacturers in the prefecture who are worried that they cannot reach sales due to lack of manpower and cannot have contact with buyers while aiming to expand sales channels. It is a matching site where you can directly communicate with buyers by registering and registering products and using the message function.We will also inform you about business meetings and lectures held by Shizuoka Prefecture, so if you are worried about developing a sales channel, please register.

Flow of use

01Membership Registration

Business information, product information, etc. Please enter.

02Contact from buyers

When you receive an inquiry about a product from a buyer,Business operator my pageYou can check more.You can also send product information from producers and food manufacturers to registered buyers.

03Opportunities online

From the business operator's My Page, you can communicate about the transaction conditions of the product using the message function.


Buy Shizuoka Online Catalog makes it easy to find foods from Shizuoka that Shizuoka is proud to introduce.
Once you find a product, you can use the message function on the site to contact the person in charge directly about the product.

Flow of use

01Membership Registration

Business information Please enter.

02Find a product

Please search by keyword orProduct listPlease look for the product from.

03Contact producers / food manufacturers

If you are interested in a product, you can contact the producer or food manufacturer immediately by using the message function.