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    Sugimoto Tea Co., Ltd.

    Business name

    Sugimoto Tea Co., Ltd.

    Representative Name

    Masaaki Sugimoto


    Since its founding in 21 and establishment of a corporation in February 2, we have consistently
    We have been manufacturing and selling high quality tea. since 1998
    Attempting to expand overseas, established a local subsidiary in Seattle, USA in February 2005
    was established.For the most important “food safety” consumer both in Japan and overseas
    Based on the management philosophy of "safety assurance of tea", the safety assurance level of tea
    We promise to comply with laws and regulations that regulate improvement and food safety.

    Our Location

    4280004-242 Yokooka, Shimada City, Shizuoka Prefecture 1

    Plant location

    4280004-242 Yokooka, Shimada City, Shizuoka Prefecture 1

    Annual sales

    692,211,245 JPY


    12 regular employees, 4 part-time workers

    Representative TEL


    Representative fax